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RICOH COMPANY, LTD. 14 6, 6-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104, Japan

Ricoh XR S

Ricoh XR- S

The XR-S, the world's first solar-powered SLR camera, exemplifies Ricoh's most advanced technology. Featuring 5 years performance without changing the storage battery, quartz-controlled manual shutter speeds from 1/1000 16 seconds and aperture-priority AE, multi-informational   liquid crystal display viewfinder   and other sophisticated capabilities, the XR-S challenges the frontiers of SLR photography."
Ricoh Co., Ltd. is one of Japan's largest, experienced and diverse manufacturers. With over 16,000 employees in Japan and abroad, as well as overseas branches in the USA, Europe and Asia, Ricoh has the total capability to develop, produce and sell a wide range of products. Ricoh is perhaps best known for its advanced information handling systems. A full lint up of office automation that includes minicomputer data processors, word processing equipment, copying machines, a telephone facsimile transceiver, data retrieval equipment and more. Ricoh is also one of the largest producers of LSI circuits and other sophisticated electronics.

With this kind of technological expertise, it's not surprising that Ricoh also makes some of the world's
finest photographic equipment. Ever since the introduction of the Olympic 35mm camera in 1938, Ricoh l has been responsible for countless innovations and renowned for Total Quality Control. Chosen the official camera of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics


Type: 35mm SLR with automatic electronic exposure control focal plane shutter.
Shutter: Electronically controlled, vertically moving metal focal plane shutter Automatic from 16 to 1/1000sec. Manual from 16 to 1/1000sec. by Quartz Control (manual only) plus B. Shutter locks at "L" position.
Viewfinder: Field of view covers 93% horizontally and vertically. viewing magnification 0.88X (with 50mm f/1.4 lens). Display by LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): Exposure Compensation. Bulb. Manual, Overexposure Underexposure Shutter Speed indicator (pulsates when on AE lock). Battery Warning (when battery nearly exhausted). Flash Ready LED Light, F-Stop Number. Exposure Meter: TTL full open metering SPD (SILICON PHOTO DIODE) for center-weighted
average light reading coupled automatically to f-stop.
Exposure Coupling Range: EV 0- EV 18 (with ASA 100 film, 50mm f/1.4 lens)

Film Speed Range: ASA 12-3200
Exposure Adjustment: Exposure adjustment system ( + 2 - - 2, in 1/3 steps).
AE Lock System (Memory).
Self-Timer: Operating delay 10 seconds; during operation, the red LED light pulsates and an electronic sound.
Power Source: Solar battery recharges the storage rechargeable battery (Battery-S).
Other batteries usable: two SR-44 1.55V Silver Oxide batteries, or two LR-44
1.5V Alkaline batteries.
Other Features: Multi-exposure, Preview lever.
Dimensions: 136(W) x 89(H) x 51(D)mm (Body only)
Weight: 475g (16.8oz) (Body only) RicohLogo
Rich 500 GX

Ricoh 500 GX (1976)

Ricoh 500 GX is an aperture priority automatic exposure 35mm rangefinder camera. Many features are are similar to other models of the compact Ricoh rangefinders. Shutter speeds from1/8 to 1/500 sec , a battery test and a multi-exposure feature (you can cock the shutter without advancing the film with a slider on the front plate).

Actually it is very similar to most of the contemporary Japanese rangefinder cameras like Canon Canonet, Konica Auto S3, Minolta HI-MATIC, Petri ES and Miranda Sensoret.

The body is very compact and solid. The viewfinder shows the metering needle and either a manual mode or not. Otherwise a very accurate rangefinder has a rather small yellow RF spot which is rather difficult to see. The lens is sharp as usual to the Rikenon lenses.

It is said, that the predecessor of 500 GX, the Ricoh 500G is a pain to disassemble, so if something goes wrong you might have a trouble. An other even more presumable snag would be the fact, that 500 GX uses a PX675 battery which is a 1.35volt mercury battery. This battery is no longer made because of the poisonous mercury. Although replacement batteries and other tricks are on offer.


Camera Type 35mm full frame rangefinder camera with EE aperture control, shutter priority operation and manual mode
Film Format 24x36mm (135)
Lens Rikenon 40 mm f/2,8
Shutter Speeds 1/8 ~1/500 sec., B
Exposure meter Single CdS cell located above front lens element, programs aperture selection
EV Range EV 6 (f/2,8 @ 1/8 sec.) to EV 17 (f/16 @ 1/500 sec.) with ISO 100 film
Film Speed Range ISO 25 (DIN 15) to ISO 800 (DIN 30)
Viewfinder Information Parallax correction marks, superimposed rangefinder patch, f-stop scale, exposure meter needle, over and underexposure warning red zones, and battery check red marker, "M" for manual operation visible
Focusing System Superimposed rangefinder
Flash Synchronization Built-in "X" synchronization at all shutter speeds - "X" contacts in Hot Shoe and PC socket
Film Advance Single-stroke, Built-in double exposure prevention
Self Timer Built-in with 8 sec delay
Battery One 1,35 volt mercury battery PX675, Battery check system
Dimensions 111 x 71 x 56 mm
Weight 420 g
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